−curriculum vitae



−curriculum vitae


  • 2017–Present Cornell Lab of Ornithology – Rose Postdoctoral Research Fellow – Ithaca, NY.

  • 2014–2017 University of Oklahoma – Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology – Norman, OK.

  • 2012–2013 University of Delaware – M.S. in Wildlife Ecology – Newark, DE.

  • 2007–2011 Canisius College – B.S. in Biology – Buffalo, NY.

Peer reviewed publications

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Oral Presentations


  • From individuals to macrosystems, understanding how artificial light at night impacts migratory birds. North American Congress for Conservation Biology. Toronto, Ontario.

  • Shifted phenologies of seasonal avian migration apparent at continental scales. International Ornithological Congress. Vancouver, British Columbia.

  • Taking the pulse of aerial passage in North America. Ecological Society of America. New Orleans, Louisiana.


The migrant turnstile, quantifying 21 years of migration through the Gulf of Mexico. American Ornithological Society. East Lansing, MI.  


Avian flight strategies, exploring how migrants cope with wind drift across a latitudinal gradient. North American Ornithological Conference. Washington, DC.  


Method and application developments for migrant flight orientation profiles using polarimetric radars. American Ornithologists’ Union and Cooper Ornithological Society. Norman, OK.

Influence of atmospheric properties on detection of wood-warbler nocturnal flight calls. American Ornithologists’ Union and Cooper Ornithological Society. Norman, OK.


Spring migration along the east-coast, a look at reflectivity and polarimetric moments. American Ornithologists’ Union, Cooper Ornithological Society, and Society of Canadian Ornithologists. Estes Park, CO.


A comparative analysis of migratory passage metrics. American Ornithologists’ Union and Cooper Ornithological Society. Chicago, IL.


Wood-warbler vocalizations in response to flight calls. American Ornithologists’ Union. Jacksonville, FL.

Flight calls in wood-warblers: do migrants respond to conspecific calls? Wilson Ornithological Society, Association of Field Ornithologists, and Cooper Ornithological Society. Kearney, NE.


A comparison of mass change by migrants during stopover using three different methods. American Ornithologists’ Union and Cooper Ornithological Society. San Diego, CA. 

Poster Presentations


Advancing biological interpretation of radar data. National Science Foundation. Arlington, VA.


One the move, monitoring the passage of bird and bat migrants. National Science Foundation. Arlington, VA.


Wood-warbler vocalizations in response to flight calls. North American Ornithological Conference. Vancouver, BC.


Seasonal differences in short-term mass changes of nearctic- neotropical migrants on Appledore Island. Wilson Ornithological Society and Association of Field Ornithologists. Pittsburgh, PA. 


  • 2019 James G. Cooper Young Professional Award – American Ornithological Society

  • 2018 Provost’s Dissertation Prize – Honorable mention – University of Oklahoma

  • 2017 American Ornithological Society Conference – Best Oral Presentation

  • 2016 North American Ornithological Conference – Best Oral Presentation – Society of Canadian Ornithologists

  • 2016 Biology Graduate Student Research Award – University of Oklahoma

  • 2015 Bird migration visualization challenge and hackathon – Best Scientific Mission and Dissemination – European Network for the Radar Surveillance of Animal Movement (ENRAM)

  • 2011 Frances F. Roberts Award – Best Oral Presentation – Cooper Ornithological Society

  • 2011 John Kalb Award for Exemplary Research – Highest Achievement in Biology – Canisius College

Professional Memberships

  • 2009–present Wilson Ornithological Society

  • 2011–present American Ornithological Society

  • 2012–present Association of Field Ornithologists